1 Pack Goan Sausages (Chorizo’s)

1 Pack Goan Sausages (Chorizo’s)



1 Pack Goan Sausages (Chorizo’s)

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( approx weight 400 gms per packet )

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Product Description

Goan Chorizo’s (sausages ) is a delicacy in Goa, India with an influence of Portugal. Its also known as chorizos, chorise or linguicas. It has made a deep impact among the local Catholic community owing to 451 years of Portuguese rule. Chorizo are deep red pork sausage links, Gluten free, made from pork, palm vinegar, chili, garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric, salts, Natural curing and preserving salts, palm Feni and other spices, they are  hot, spicy and flavorful,  and are stuffed into chitterlings (Natural Hog Casings). These are enjoyed either with bread a sweet bun, or pearl onions and potatoes, or both. They are also used in a rice-based dish called pulão. They can be cooked with mince or squid or shrimps. They are never consumed raw due to health concerns. This is a delicious food handy for every home for a quick and easy meal, no oil or spices to be added.

Our Chorizo’s are cold smoked and cold cured and then vacuum packed for sale.

We can also do other variations only on special orders, Length of the links range from approximately 3 to 6 inches.

Patraos Chorizos ( Goan Sausages )

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Grandma’s 100 years old, secret recipe

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